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MusicSchoodle helps teachers to manage and schedule their lessons. It considers students' availability, location, public transport options, and other relevant details to create an efficient, gap-free timetable.




  • Performance-wise and highly customisable logic to create schedules
  • Eye-catching, fine-grained demo environment
  • The first version of the schedule were delivered in the first week
  • The scheduling process is optimized from two days to ~40 minutes
  • Smooth, trackable, and fully transparent development and collaborative process

TIN sought Varbintech’s expertise to address performance issues on their listing platform caused by large-sized JavaScript files deployed to production and a legacy Angular version.




  • 2 developers involved in the project
  • The first pull request with many changes was released during the first week of cooperation
  • Angular v8.x to Angular v15.x migration within a month
  • Increased efficiency by cutting code duplications by 40%
  • Removed all unnecessary files (73 files)
  • Reduced linting errors by 99% through ESLint & Prettier
  • AWS and GitLab CI/CD pipeline for dev and prod. Simplify the dev process and increase velocity

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